[C9] Sales - Hernad Update Sales!

Greetings, C9 Actionists!

With the update of Hernad, new items are in stock!

<Transcendence Material Package Box> 8500 WCOIN

In this package, it has all required for the Transcendence of your weapon.

10,000 Goddess's Tear
50,000 Akene Coin
500 Armor Transcendence Material
500 Weapon Trasncendence Material

<Hernad Material Package> (Unbound) 600 WCOIN

In this package, you will find all the necessary item to forge your Hernad Weapon

100 Hernad Quartz
20 Hernad Essence
10 Hernad Coin

<Rune Embroidered Mystery Box> 150 WCOIN

Get a chance to win fabulous items with this mystery box.
For detail, check out our event page


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