[C9] Sales - New Gears and New Souls!


Greetings, C9 Actionists!

With the release of Hernad and Whisperer,

We can't miss out on the new gears for our heroes!

Check out our new gears!

Package (5500 WCOIN) contains:

Soul: Arrow of Apocalypse
Gear Set

On top of this, we got new diamond box on our shelves?
Come and check them out!

Diamond Box contains:

Transcendent Enhance Stone 13~ 17,
Transcendent Enhance Crystal 6~7
Transcendent Enhancer 13~17
Protective Crystal Rank 7 ~ 8
Goddess Tear
Akene Coins
Mysterious Soul Energy
Soul: Arrow of Apocalypse
Transcendence Material

Thank you!

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