[C9] Event/Sales - Collect Clovers to Celebrate St. Patricks Day!


Greetings, C9 Actionists,

That part of year is back, when everything is in green.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, we are going through special St. Patrick's Day Event!

Collect Lucky Four Leaf Clover by defeating event monsters!

Event monster will appear the most in the neweset dungeons!

Collect Four Leaf Clovers, and exchange them to exclusive gifts that you can exchange at the Event Manager

Also, on our WCOIN Shop, check out a box which you can get a chance to get a brand new permanent wing.

Permanent Wing Stats are as below..

Physical attack 4% / Magical attack 4%
Attack Speed 4%
Movement Speed 4%
Cooldown Reduction 3%
Air Damage 100000 (Chance 5%) Unavailable in Arena
6th Continent Shadow Resistance 10%
7th Continent Resistance 10%
HTH 300
INT 300

Please note that this is a box with other Permanent Wings - which contains the chance to get above new wing.

Thank You!

Your C9 Team

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