[C9] Event/Sales - New event and Sales for the End of March!

Greetings, C9 Actionists,

With the world in fear of the Nefer's devastating new weapon, "Coronavirus",

The new order from the command is to focus more on the world of Glenheim!

In the world of Glenheim...it is okay to party up with your friends, and fight besides one another!

To support these adventurers,

We are doing...

x2 EXP event - until March 31st
Archery event - until March 31st

For sales, we brought back Transcendence items to support you with your Mileasge Shop!

Equipment Transcendence Material Package - 3000 WCOIN

Mini Transcendence Material Box - 150WCOIN

Thank You,

Your C9 Team
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