[C9]- [Sales/Event] - May 19 Event and Sales Notice

Greetings, C9 Actionists,

For this week's event, we've prepared a farming event!

From May 12 ~ May 26, clear dungeons from 4th Continent Master to 7th Continent, defeat event monster, and get Deva Stones!

Depending on the Deva Stones farmed, different rewards will come!

1st - 5x Weapon Enhance Package
2nd - 3x Weapon Enhance Package
3rd - 2x Weapon Enhance Package
4th and 5th - 2x Lucky Stone R2 + 2x Sacred Enhance Stone Rank 3
6th~10th - 1x Lucky Stone R2 + 2x Sacred Enhance Stone Rank 3
11th~25th - x2 Sacred Enhance Stone Rank 3
26th ~ 50th - 5x Hernad Material Package
51th ~ - 1x Hernad Material Package

Also, keep your deva stones for trade after 2 weeks!

For Sales, we've prepared another retro gear package!

For Fighter, Shaman, Hunter and Witchblade - Royal Guard Costume Box - 3000 WCOIN
For Mystic - Red Rider Costume Box - 3000 WCOIN

all packages come with all gear parts and with 6 Soul: World's Blessing random box

Thank you,

Your C9 Team
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