[C9] Sales Notice for May 26th, 2020


Greetings, C9 Actionists

As the month of May is closing to an end, we've prepared special May Package!

May Special Package

Rune : Protection of War God Set box [STR] or [WIS]
Rune : Protection of War Random Box [STR] or [WIS] x10
Palladium Joker Box x3
Lucky Stone R2 x3

Also, we've prepared a special Hernad Treasure Box - with enhanced rate of giving (x2) Hernad Silver Anvil and Hernad Gold Hammer

Hernad Treasure Box may yield:

Transcendent Enhance Stone +15 ~ +19
Transcendent Enhance Crystal +6 ~ +7
Transcendent Enhancer +15 ~ +17
Protective Crystal Rank 7
Goddess's Tear x100
Akene Coin x10000
Palladium Dragon, Pheonix, Unicorn, Kumiho, Fenrir (Ace)
Palladium Joker
Protective Crystal Rank 8
Transcendence Material
Soul: Arrows of Destruction
Hernad Silver Anvil
Hernad Gold Hammer
Necklace of Hernad Guardian
Permanent Wing Box R2
Essence of Devotion and Sincerity
Hernad Weapon and Armor Exchange Ticket

For the event, we've prepared Archery Event

Thank You,

Your C9 Team

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