[C9]Sales - Special Accessory Box and New Server Special Box!


Greetings, C9 Actionists!


Today, we brought some special sales!


Sales 1


Accessory Treasure Box x1 - 300 WCOIN

Accessory Treasure Box x10+2 - 3000 WCOIN


Here's your chance to get the brand new Hernad Accessories!


You can get below items from this box:


Hernad Accessory

Transcendence Material

Valentine Accessory

Ami Accessory

Protective Crystal Rank 7 and 8

Transcendent Enhance Stone 14~18

Transcendent Enhancer 14~18

Transcendent Enhance Crystal 4~7



Sales 2


New World Special Package - 7500 WCOIN


New World Special Package contains:


Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3] x5

Sacred Enhance Stone [2 Plus] x10

Lucky Stone R2 x3


For all users who purchase this package will receive following item to their character in New World

(Package will be given out when the event is finished - June 23)

(You must have a character in the new world)

(If you buy 3 packs, you will receive 3 new world packs too)



Thank you


Your C9 Team

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