[C9]Sales/Event - Accessory Boxes and Summer Gear + Soul Boxes / Whisperer Event


Greetings, C9 Actionists!


Today, we brought some special sales!


Sales 1


Accessory Treasure Box x1 - 300 WCOIN

Accessory Treasure Box x10+2 - 3000 WCOIN


Here's your chance to get the brand new Hernad Accessories!


You can get below items from this box:

- Hernad Accessory

- Transcendence Material

- Valentine Accessory

- Ami Accessory

- Protective Crystal Rank 7 and 8

- Transcendent Enhance Stone 14~18

- Transcendent Enhancer 14~18

- Transcendent Enhance Crystal 4~7

 Also, you can earn Immortal Accessory Coins by purchasing the box!

Collect the coins & exchange it to achieve the rewards below:

- Hernad Gold Hammer

- Silver Hernad Anvil

- Accessory Treasure Box [STR] / [WIS]


Sales 2

 Summer Gear + Soul Box - 3000 WCOIN

Purchase Summer Gear + Soul Boxes and get the rewards below:

- Summer Gear Box for your class


- Fighter
Soul: Goddess's Nostalgia Random Box[Fighter]

- Hunter
Soul: Goddess's Nostalgia Random Box[Hunter]

- Shaman
Soul: Goddess's Nostalgia Random Box[Shaman]

- Witchblade
Soul: Goddess's Nostalgia Random Box[Witchblade]

- Mystic
Soul: Goddess's Nostalgia Random Box[Mystic]



For this week's event, we prepared Whisperer Soulshard Event!

Thank you


Your C9 Team

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