[C9] Guide - Class Reset Items


Class Reset Item Guide


Everyone deserves a second chance – even gamers.



1. Once you have purchased the class reset item, click on the present box on the bottom right corner of the screen to receive your “Class Reset Package”. The present box menu MUST be activated.

2. Simply check the “Class Reset Package Box” and press the “Receive” button

- The class reset item will then be moved to your inventory after confirming the message.

3. The “Class Reset Package” will be located in your inventory (General Tab) displayed as a box which contains a class reset item and skill reset.


4. Once you click on the “Class Changer” item, the item will allow you to change your current class to any other advanced class beside your current class.

- You may only change to an advanced class available to your current base clas (EX – Guardian, Warrior, Blade master, Berserker)

- This item will not allow you to change you base class (EX Fighter -> Shaman)

5. The “Class Change Information Window” will be opened after double clicking on the “Class Changer” Item.

- Carefully choose the class that you may want to change into after reading and watching the video. Please note that you may ONLY perform the class change once.

6. All “Skill Points” will be refunded after the class change.

- Any “Holy Water” you have used for your character so far will also reset and will be sent to your inventory.

- Unequip all the weapons and armor before using the class change item.

- Please make sure to have enough space in your inventory before performing the class change 

Try as many skill as possible as your need and use the other skill reset for your final skill tree.


Thank you,

C9 Support Team.

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