[C9] Sales - Platinum Chest Renewal 4.0


Greetings C9 Actionists!

A new renewal of our beloved Platinum Chests has come with new contents, including an exciting new Auspice with amazing possibilities. The Platinum Chests will feature the return of the Sabrina Soul (Magical/Physical Attack), Shadow Gear and the Temperan Gear (Black/White)!

For those interested in the new Auspice, here are the stats it provides:

Jack the Ripper
• Critical Chance +7%
• Move Speed 2%
• Cooldowns 1.5%
• WIS +10
• STR +10

Additionally, as the previous Defender Auspice, Jack the Ripper can be combined with another of the same name to try to form a more powerful Auspice:

Jack the Cruel
• Critical Chance +14%
• Move Speed 4%
• Cooldowns 3%
• WIS +30
• STR +30

These items will only be on sale for a short while so beware adventurers and don't get Jacked!

The C9 Support Team

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