[C9] Notice - Update Celebration Item Giveaway


Greetings C9 Actionists,

We are currently giving out promotion codes in collaboration with online game magazine websites. Each code contains following items to boost your leveling even faster to help you to be part of our Light and Darkness update.

Promotion Code Contents:

  • ExtremeTraining [100%][1 hr] x5
  • PC Cafe Premium item [7 days] x1
  • Town Travel +Lv.1 [7 days] x1
  • Class Changer [15 days] x1
  • Immortal Medics Gear Set [7 days] x1
  • Soul Set: Prelude to the Storm [7 days] x1
  • Resurrection Count Reset Scroll x3

Websites that giveaway promotion codes

Please note that:

  • You can redeem only one code per account.
  • Codes will only be redeemable until August 31, 2017 (UTC). 
  • All items are bound to character.

How to redeem the code:

  1. Get a code from one of the websites above.
  2. Go to the redeem page: Link
  3. Enter the code. You must have at least 1 C9 character to redeem the code.
  4. Select the server and character to receive the rewards.
  5. Access to the character and claim rewards from the Storage.

Thank you,
C9 Support Team

Your Time UTC