[C9] Notice - 2018 Webzen.com 9th Anniversary Top-Up Rewards


Dear players,

Thanks to you, the Webzen.com 9th Anniversary was a real success! Thousands of players came to our event page and grabbed their free gift, and hunted our partner websites for even more gifts! We really hope you had lots of fun enjoying our games and spending some quality time with your friends online!

We'd like to send a very special thank you to all the players who joined the party! It was awesome!

Some of our players also took part in the Top-up Reward event, and now is the time to get the rewards! Claiming rewards is very simple:

  • Access the coupon redeem page
  • Copy/paste the coupon code(s) you are entitled to
  • Make sure you have a character on the account, and select the appropriate region/server
  • Grab your rewards in the game!

You can only redeem these coupons if you successfully took part in the Top Up Reward event!

Event Coupon Code

Tier 1

10,000~19,999 Wcoin


Tier 2

20,000~29,999 Wcoin


Tier 3

30,000+ Wcoin


Thanks again for celebrating and participating in Webzen's 9th Birthday!


Q: I'm not sure which level I can get in the Top Up Reward event. What can I do?
A: You can try all four. If you are not entitled to a reward, you will get an error message explaining you were not part of that event. You only need to redeem the coupon for the highest level you reached.

Q: I took part in the event, but I'd like to give the reward to my little brother. Why isn't it working?
A: The rewards can only be redeemed on the account that took part in the event.

Q: I'm pretty sure I reached in range between 20,000 ~ 29,999 Wcoin, but only the code for the range for 10,000 ~ 19,999 Wcoin worked. What's going on?
A: In order to be eligible for the event, you need to have topped up and spent a certain amount of Wcoin between the 17th of April (after the maintenance) and the 8th of May (before the maintenance). You can check the details of your purchased and spent Wcoin in your transaction history. Once you are sure of your calculations, you can send a ticket here with the subject "Top Up Reward 9th Anniversary", along with the details of the transactions.

Q: I'm pretty busy these days. Can I redeem the coupon later?
A: You have until 31st of December to redeem a coupon.

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