[C9] Event – Come and Join our C9 Festival!


Greetings C9 Actionists


Thank you for enjoying C9!


With the world’s on-going mood of festival, C9 has decided to make a little festival for ourselves to make exciting twists to your usual game activities.

We have prepared many awesome events that you will surely love!


Event 1

GvG Event


[Event Details]


The battle has begun! Calling the banners of the strongest guilds in all servers to clash to our very first season of Guild vs Guild Tournament!


Winners will be awarded – and also there will be rewards just for participating!


For more details, please refer to our [Event Details]



Event 2

Dungeon Speed Time Attack and No-Hit Challenge


[Event Details]


Don’t be so down that there is only PvP event! For all you dungeon-masters, we have also prepared dungeon clear event! Clear the dungeon as fast as possible, and put them online!


If you are into the true mastery – also try for No-Hit Challenge!

Achieve No-Hit and grab your reward! – There is no time limit, so take your time!


For more details – check out our [Event Details] page!


Event 3

Jumping Event


[Event Details]


Finally the long-waited jumping event is here! Jump your characters to level 63, and get the taste of using the new legendary weapons! If you reach lv. 75, you will be able to get yourself a permanent weapon to help you through the world of Glenheim!


For more details – check out our [Jumping Event Details] page!



Event 4

Facebook Event


Gifts keep on coming! Did you know that C9 had its own facebook page!? We are hosting an event at our facebook page!


Click here to go to our Facebook Page


Simply log-in, and participate! More participants there are, more rewards there will be!


There will be two Facebook Events over two weeks!

Week 1: Facebook Likes & Comments

Week 2: Facebook Fan Art Competition


For more details, come to our facebook page!


That is all we prepared! We really hope you are excited about the event much as we do!


Your C9 Team

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