[C9] Notice - C9 Festival User Rankings and Coupon Codes


Greetings, C9 Actionists,


Here are C9 Festival Rankings and Reward Codes!

*The codes will expire on July 24th, UTC 7:30 (During the maintenance) Make sure to redeem them fast!


Time Attack

(Check your ranking here)

Participation - GCY53W6L4Z9ZES43

3rd and 4th Place - DGWNGDKDD29ZEQFS

2nd Place - EU24SN2T63YZFZ7M

1st Place - 7K25DRF4PXNZ3GRZ


No Hit Challenge

(Check if you made it here)

Successful No Hit Challenge - FDLAR6DQSWWZZEV3


Facebook Fan Art

(Check if you are eligible for reward here)

Participation - NUDC8UP2XVYZVNV2

3rd and 4th Place – IIAyaMeII, zte - DGWNGDKDD29ZEQFS

2nd Place - Xperia™ - EU24SN2T63YZFZ7M

1st Place – Xberto - 7K25DRF4PXNZ3GRZ


GvG Event

(Check the Rankings Here)

Participation - R2P4CEN79D5ZDSJS


2nd Place - EU24SN2T63YZFZ7M

1st Place of Each Server - URU7HVYHABVZ993A


Facebook Event Reward

(Check if you are included in the list here)

Code for participants - S68G6F7NR8BZ3S77

-If you are not in the list, make sure to fill in the survey! (We have to match your name with our list - to prevent any fraud and abusing) 

That is it! If you can’t redeem the code even though you are sure that you are on the list, or if you think that the list has some problem, please feel free to inquire our staff through this post!


We really hope that you enjoyed the event, and we will comeback with more!


Yours Sincerely

Your C9 Team

Your Time UTC