[C9] Notice - Crash Mode Updates

Greetings C9 Actionists,

Crash Mode has changed to new rule with completely fair mode. Test out your true PvP skills!

Also, Crash Mode had some minor changes. Please find below for more information:

1. Crash Mode free entry increased from former 1 entry to 3 entries.

2. Crash Mode entrance fee changed to 500 Akene Coins

3. Crash Mode PvP win reward has changed to 250 Akene Coins

4. Crash mode PvE reward has been changed as below:

3 Wins - 1 Random Box + 100 Akene Coin

4 Wins - 2 Random Box + 200 Akene Coin (Cumulative Value)

5 Wins - 3 Random Box + 500 Akene Coin (Cumulative Value)

Also, the Box content has been updated.

Fixed Reward:

Gold Honor Coin

Random Reward (Get 1 of below):

100x Artisan Crystal
100x Vacant Artisan Crystal
1x Book of Knowledge [EXP + 1,000,000]
1x Book of Knowledge [EXP + 4,000,000]
1x Trivial Antique from Emerging Merchang Vache
1x Goddess's Tears [10]
1x Random Palladium Chest
1x Weapon Ore [Legendary]: Lv 75
1x Armor Ore [Legendary]: Lv 75
1x Accessory Ore [Legendary]: Lv 75
1x Flame Ruby VII
1x Sky Sapphire VII
1x Wild Topaz VII
1x Ocean Emerald VII

This is it!

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