[C9] Notice - Scheduled Maintenance December 04 - FINISHED


Greetings C9 Actionists,

We will be performing a scheduled Service Maintenance on December 04, 2018 (UTC).

Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.

[Continent of the Ninth Seal Maintenance Details]

PeriodDecember 04, 07:00~09:00 UTC (2 hours)

*Please note that the given time is subject to change.

Details: Sales Start, Sales End

Also, C9 Team decided to open the back up survey for weapon upgrade for one more week.

Please submit your survey -> here <-

The upgrade will be done during the maintenance of NEXT WEEK - (December 11th)

Please note that ONLY users below who satisfy the below criteria will get the upgrade:

1. Users who submitted the first survey, but didn't submit the second one.
(First one went down after fiding some errors - there were about 50 players who submitted this survey)

2. Users who submitted the second survey, but entered wrong character name
(The character name has to be EXACT as your in-game character)

3. Users who didn't get the upgrade.
(Accounts which has history of getting the upgrade will not get the upgrade on the back-up)

Thank you,

C9 Support Team

Your Time UTC