[C9] Notice - Notice Regarding Goddess Tear Shop item additions.

Dear players of C9,

Recently our team decided on revamping the Goddess Tear Shop.

One of the reason why we did it, was that we shared a thought that Goddess's Tear Shop was not functioning as what we have originally designed for, and ended up in endless farming of tears for gears.

We would like to have the Goddess Tear Shop as a supplementary shop, where it can help our players with the ongoing events, and a extra goal for our players to farm the tears.

However, carefully watching over the community after the update, we also realized that we took out some of the most important factor, which the Goddess's Tear Shop helped so many players to come back, help them to get the basic gears for playing the game.

We decided to bring back some of the items.

Please find the list below on what items will be brought back.

-Skill Book Chest x10
-Soul: Destructive Standards set Chest 
-Soul: Striker Standards Set Chest
-Fishing Bag
-Character Redesign
-Character Renamer
-Armor Set of the Riate Knights
-Royal Spy Armor Set
-Prismatic Armor Set 
-Lingerie Armor Set 
-Pink Devil Armor Set 
-Enigmatic Egg [Gold][x5]
-Mysterious Egg [Gold] [x5]
-Rakhdan's Weapon Chest
-Charm Chest [x10]
-Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 2][x10+1]
-Sacred Enhancer [Rank 2][x10+1]
-Sacred Enhance Crystal [Rank 2][x10+1]

Also, please be aware that Goddess Tear Shop will continue to have items, including the items which are to be ONLY sold in the Goddess's Tear Shops.

*These items will start to be implemented today, please do understand that some items may not show up during our upload.*

Thank you,

Your C9 Team.

Your Time UTC