[C9] Notice - Scheduled Maintenance October 01 + Notice regarding enhancement event prizes


Greetings C9 Actionists,

We will be performing a scheduled Service Maintenance on October 01, 2019 (UTC).

Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference.

[Continent of the Ninth Seal Maintenance Details]

Period: October 01, 04:00~09:00 UTC (5 hours)

*Please note that the given time is subject to change.

Details: Sales start, Sales End

Notice Regarding Enhancement Event Prizes

Please note that the team is currently undergoing and checking for the right person to get the reward.

Please note that all reward will be given on the Maintenance of Oct 8.

For the this, please note that we will be giving out 2x Weapon Ore Chest [Legendary] Lv. 75, which will be available on the tear shop at 1 tear.

Please note that this item will only be available for characters above lv 63, and once per account to prevent abusing.

Also, to prevent further abusing, please note that the team is taking a close look on this transaction of the event item.

Thank you

Your C9 Team.

Your Time UTC