[C9] Notice - Notice regarding Magic Amplification Event

C9 Actionists
Regarding the reward for Magic Amplification Event, many people were wondering.
We currently have the list of people who are available for the rewards.
We tracked down 2 factors.
1. Level of Magic Amplification
2. If it was a *NEW* enhancement
As we mentioned in the notice, we will be giving out the prizes to your desired character.
For this, we created a survey for you to fill in, so that you can decide which character the prize will go to:
Fill in the survey until 
23:59 UTC, November 10th (Sunday).
Reward will be given on November 12th, during the maintenance.
For the characters and accounts that the survey was not filled in, the prize will go to the original character which made the magic enhancement.
Thank You,
Your C9 Team
Your Time UTC