[C9] Notice - 7th Continent...is...Coming..! Check it Out!


Greetings C9 Actionist..!



You probably heard the rumors...and yes it is true.


The new Continent, 7th Continent is coming!


Hernad, the new continent will come with the maintenance at January 28th!


Meanwhile, there are some stuff you can do!


Visit our Event Page, to see more visualized details of the new update!


The new update will include:


3 New Dungeons

New Weapons

New Armor

New Town (Ennor)


Check out the event page for more info!


Also, with the update, we are doing some special event!


1. Pre Registration Event!


Register yourself for the new continent! Just sign in, log your name, and get yourself some go-ahead goodies when the update comes!


Get Hernad Material Package that contains:


Hernad Quartz x 100

Hernad Essence x20

Hernad Coin x10

*Please ignore the part where it says : Please log-in to pre-register for Speed Event Server*
This is an error from bring the event from another title by Webzen.

Click the pre-register button, and you will be stored for the Hernad Material Package!

2. New and Returnee Event!


For our new users, and returning users, we are giving our special presents!


Weapon Enhancement Packages!


For anyone who never played C9, or who hasn't played C9 since January, 07, will be eligible for the reward!

*Warning for the abusers* - Please be noted that we will be watching the IP address/account names of the accounts that redeems the prize. Please be aware, and play fair!

3. Special Weapon Enhancement Package Sales!

From 1/21 and 1/28, for anyone who buying Weapon Enhancement Package will be getting additional Hernad Material Package on the update date!


Thank you,


Your C9 Team

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