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Webzen Note

Greetings, C9 Actionists

As we mentioned last week, SPEED WORLD will open on September 1st.

What is Speed World?

[Speed World]

- At Speed World, you can raise your character with Additional EXP, Item enhancement rate increase, and other benefits.
- You must purchase the SPEED World Entrance ticket to enter the Speed World.
- You can transfer your characters to the main worlds, within a limited period.
- After your characters are transferred, you will get special items according to your Awakened level. (Simplified Awakened Level Quest)

*Detail Benefits

- EXP increase by 300%
- Item enhancement rate increase by 200%.
- Item is not destroyed when the enhancement is failed
- You can start with LV.57 Characters and support items
- All stage entrance restrictions are lifted.

- All items, awakened levels, and transcendence information will be deleted when you transfer the character to the main world.
- Character levels, stats, learned skills, and earned skill points will be remained when you transfer to the main world.
- Intrusion, arena, golden age, and pet Expedition are closed.

Speed World Guide

<<CLICK HERE how to enter the Speed world>>
<<CLICK HERE how to create promoted character>>

Q. How can I enter the speed world?

A. You have to purchase the SPEED World Entrance Ticket in the Cash shop. 

Q. Can I transfer my character in Speed World after SPEED World Entrance Ticket expires?

A. NO. You can't transfer your Character and also the transfer should be implemented in the 'Character Transfer available period'.
Character Transfer available period: After maintenance on 15/09/2020 ~ Before maintenance on 22/09/2020

Q. Where is the speed world transfer ticket?

A. Currently, you can't purchase the item but you will be able to buy the item after maintenance on 15/09/2020

Q. How can I transfer back to the main wold my SPEED WORLD character if I used an already existing character's name?

A. When you Press Start Game button in Character selection window after transfer the character to Normal servers, you will be asked to set up a new character name. Just like you make a new character.

Q. How can we obtain the items as transfer rewards?

A. Items will be distributed after SPEED WORLD is closed.

Q. If we create a character in Speed world on account A, do we need to transfer the character to account A on the main world? or can be any other account?

A. It can't be any other account. You will be only able to transfer to the same account on the same server.
(If your character is in US server Speed World, you can transfer to Akene or Nefer.)

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