[C9] Notice - Frequent XIGNCODE ERROR Solutions



C9 Actionist.


Here some solutions regarding XIGNCODE errors (0xE019100B, 0xE0191009) which have been most frequently reported to our Support Team.


Error Code : 0xE019100B


**This error code will output when illegal program is detected on your PC.



Please delete all the files which are located below.

C:\users\computer name\appdata\local\temp


Error Code : 0xE0191009


**This error code will output when XIGNCODE3 Module has not been downloaded on your PC.



Please check your internet connection and run C9 after turning off all the anti-virus and other firefall related programs (Including Window Firefall)



“Failed to initialize XignCode”

“Error: Failed to find value (c:/program files/steam/steamapps/common/c9/joyPad.INI - MappingShift2Axis”

 - Delete all files in CIF folder (Path: My document\C9\CIF). It will reset your key bindings

If this problem won’t be solved, please send a ticket to Customer Support for further help. This will enables you to directly submit a support ticket to Customer Support. Once submitted, your inquiry will be evaluated and responded to with expert assistance for direct help.


Thank you,

C9 Support Team.

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