[C9] FAQ – Secondary Password Solution



C9 Actionists.

We have been receiving a lot of CS tickets regarding “Secondary Password Reset” recently. Below are relevant information & the retrieval process for the Secondary Password.

What is a Secondary Password? (Security Verification)
When you enter the game, C9 automatically locks up certain game features to prevent compromise issues and for other security reasons. Please check the Game Feature Limits below.

Secondary Game Feature Limits:

1 Trading with other users in-game
2 Trading with NPCs
3 Discarding/destroying items
4 Enhancing/dismantling/refining equipments
5 Depositing/retrieving items from guild/personal warehouse
6 Listing items in the Trading Office
7 Mailing attachments

1 Changing guild titles
2 Leaving a guild
3 Deleting characters

Character Property
1 Adding Points (TBA)
2 Purchasing cash items (TBA)


1. If a user forgets his secondary password, he will be provided with 4 more chances to enter the correct secondary password within 24 hours

2. Upon entering the incorrect secondary password 5 times, the account will reach the ""Forgot Password"" status, and will be locked from accessing the secondary game features for the next 3 days.

3. Upon reaching the ""Forgot Password"" status, the user may either Click the ""Clear Password"" button, or wait for the three-day term to conclude to begin the password reset process

4. Should a user opt to click the ""Clear Password"" button, the user will be prompted to validate account ownership though the Security Hint and Answer that the user provided during the Secondary Password Setup.

5. Upon correctly validating account ownership, the user will then be asked to enter the following information:
a. New Secondary Password
b. Security Hint (selected from a drop-down menu)
c. Security Answer"

Thank you,
C9 Support Team.

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