[C9] Notice - SEA Server Opening

C9 Actionists.
Due to consistent popular demand, we are finally opening a server for the Asian region.
To resolve the lag issues our players have been going through, we have come up with a solution, which is to divide the IP traffic into different regions. This will benefit both US and Asian players by reducing gameplay lag and improving ping connections. We will make continued efforts to create a better gaming environment, which includes planning for further regional server divisions.
We initially planned to provide all US server users with the option of choosing whether they would like to migrate to the SEA server or remain in the US server. However, during the planning process, we determined several factors that may cause issues in the future:
1. Our goal is to resolve the lag issue that users have been experiencing. If we allow Asian users to access the US server, and vice versa, users would most definitely still experience lag, especially during PvP. 
2. We will implement the IP traffic division through IP restrictions. This means that we will be blocking Asian IP addresses from accessing the US server and vice versa. We thought of granting the IP addresses of users who wanted to remain in the US servers access by removing the restriction on the IP address that they have been using to connect to C9. 
3. Users may have difficulty joining future events if we allow access to both servers. For example, consider that there may be a PvP event in the future that will pit the regional champions of each server against each other. Any Asian user who decides to remain on the US server will be un-eligible to participate should the mechanics require that the user should be a resident in the region corresponding to his/her character's server.
We understand that most of you have already established a friendships and small communities inside the game, and that it will be difficult to part with your online friends should they be located to a different region. However, we stand firm in our decision to migrate all Asian users as we believe that this would be for everyone's best interests in the long term. Also, we are sure that you will be able to form new bonds and friendships with users located in your same server region once the migration is complete.
Please take note of the Policies for the Asian server as mentioned below:
* C9 Asian Server Policy for US Server Players
1. The gameplay data of US server players who are playing from the Asian region will be migrated to C9’s SEA server during the scheduled maintenance on January 23rd, 2013. Aside from the users located in the regions mentioned below, all other asian users will be able to access the SEA server.
     ** Excluded Countries: 
   (1) China - Licensed publisher is Tencent (http://c9.qq.com/)
   (2) Japan - Licensed publisher is GameOn (http://c9.pmang.jp/)
   (3) Thailand - Licensed publisher is Ini3 (www.c9.in.th)
For users living in the countries listed above, kindly visit your local service provider's webpage to enjoy better C9 service provided by your respective publisher.
2. Upon opening the Asian server on January 23, 2013, users who are playing from the Asian region will be unable to access the US game server.
3. US server players who are not from the Asian region will be unable to access the Asian server.
     ** Asian region players: Unable to access the US game server.
     ** US server players: Unable to access the SEA game server.
■ Gameplay Data to be Migrated
1) Character slots (Only when migrating the whole account)
2) Character level
3) Character Skills
4) Quest information
5) Map access information
6) Inventory (General/Cash/Quest/General Storage/Cash Storage)
7) Equipped items (Including enhancements) 
8) Legend information
9) Adventure book information
10) Items in the Gift Box
11) Mails
12) Items listed on the trading office
** All data listed above will be migrated from the US server to the SEA server.
** If you experience any kind of issue regarding the data transfer, please submit a ticket to the 1:1 inquiry. All item losses caused by the server migration will be recovered.
■ Regarding guild content
Guild data and PVP data will be reset during the server migration to avoid encountering to technical issues. In order to provide support for the players who migrate to the SEA server, we are preparing guild/PVP supportive events accordingly.
Thank you,
C9 Support Team
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