[C9] Webzen Note – RAEBIN: The 2nd Update

Webzen Note

Greeting C9 Actionists,


The much-awaited day has arrived! You will soon discover new adventures in Raebin continent. Check out what we will get!


New Level Cap

The level cap will increase to 70. Build up your skills with additional SPs and stats!

** Please note that once the level cap increased, you cannot get Awakened EXP until you reach the new maximum level.


New Dungeon


Recently Raebin Explores have found new places. As Glenheim heroes are helping them to find the paths, you will soon discover new places in Raebin!


Twisted Forest Maze

Twisted Forest Maze is almost unknown territory with twisted paths.

It is rumored that somewhere it hides the stream of Endor.

Find your way to the stream for the purification ritual of Endor!


Fallen Water Dragon Shrine

Water Dragon Shrine is a divine place for Artesia.

Kaligos are giving orders to Mossroots to destroy the shrine.

Drive out the invaders and stop the evil plans of Kaligos!


There are still undiscovered enigmatic places in Raebin, and according to rumors, those places are treacherous yet worthful. Explore Raebin to find the hidden spring Endor!


New Skill Books

One effect-change skill book and one buff/debuff skill book added for each class! You will find those new skill books in the newly added dungeons.


New Item Grade: Ultimate Rare

Ultimate Rare grade is higher than Perfect Rare grade.

Unlike Master equipment, Ultimate Rare equipment is obtainable by any artisan with 100% chance.

You can find the materials for Ultimate Rare equipment in Twisted Forest Maze, Fallen Water Dragon Shrine, and a new dungeon which has not yet been found.


Materials for Raebin Master Accessories

New Guild Relics

You will also find new materials to craft many valuable items such as Master Accessories!


Mini Game: Elemental Wars

Mini-game: Elemental Wars is a game created by ancient elves, so that anyone can easily understand the four elements of the C9 world.

The elves disappeared after the continents were split by Rakhdan, Nether Cleft were sealed and the great movement to Vimpeli, but the human magicians who learned the game from the elves still keep on teaching the game rules. A lot of people play the game including noblemen of Vimpeli, knights and adventurers.


Purchase Agency System

Feeling tired of searching for items in Trading Office? Trading Officers have initiated a convenient method to help Glenheim citizens to get various items more easily. You don’t have to search for things repeatedly. Trading Officers will find what you want!

Just like you registers items you sell in Trading Office, you can register items in Consumable/Material/Others category you wish to request at Purchase Agency.


Daily Mission

You will find 4 Random missions to complete for each account everyday on your character with level 20 or higher! Complete all missions and get useful rewards. If you complete missions steadily, you will get additional bonus every few days.

Cumulated mission complete number resets on the first day of every month.

** The Daily Mission is account-wise.


This is just a small snapshot of what the developers of C9 have been working on. There are many other parts of the game and interesting new additions including more challenging and unique dungeons in the 6th continent that we have been looking into and we hope we can share that with you in the near future.


We look forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!

C9 Support Team

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