[C9] Webzen Note - Transcend the Limit! New Update to Upgrade Your Character!

Webzen Note

Greetings C9 Actionists!


It’s July, and it’s hot. And to keep you in the cool air-conditioned room, we’ve prepared some update!


The new update is called : Transcend the Limit, a new system which you can increase your stats and Skill Points.


Talk to Sabrina in Ensilrot to pop-up Transcend Limit Menu!


With exchange of Mysterious Soul, Sabrina will unlock your ability’s limit, and transcend them.

Transcending the Limit is divided into two parts – Stats and Skills.


On Stats, you will be able to transcend following stats:






On Skills, you will be able to transcend amount of Skill Points you possess.


Stats Transcendence

You can Transcend your stats total of 10 times, increasing 1 to 100 stat increase at a time.


Each Transcendence requires 300 Mysterious Soul Energy, and 500 Goddess’s Tears.

Each Stat requires different Mysterious Soul Energy.


Mysterious Soul Energy: Strength

Mysterious Soul Energy: Health

Mysterious Soul Energy: Wisdom

Mysterious Soul Energy: Intelligence

After you have transcended your stat and if you are not satisfied with your transcendence, you may reset your transcendence with 100 Goddess’s Tears and try again.


Skills Transcendence

You can increase your max number of Skill Points with Skills Transcendence.


For Skill Transcendence, it will require 300 Harmonious Soul Energy and 500 Goddess’s Tears.


Unlike Stats Transcendence, the increase of Skill Points is locked per Transcend Level. As increase of Skill Points is locked, resetting Transcend Level will not be available for Skill Point Transcendence.

Refer below for amount of increase of skill points.


Transcend 1 – 3 Points

Transcend 2 – 3 Points

Transcend 3 – 4 Points

Transcend 4 – 5 Points

Transcend 5 – 6 Points

Transcend 6 – 8 Points

Transcend 7 – 11 Points

Transcend 8 – 14 Points

Transcend 9 – 19 Points

Transcend 10 – 27 Points


Where to Get Mysterious Soul Energy and Harmonious Soul Energy?

These materials will be farmable at Daily Dungeons. Each day will give out different materials.


Monday through Thursday : On monster kills. (Each drop is between 1~10, not 100% drop)

Friday : On chest opening (Each drop is between 1~20, not 100% drop)

*We will provide more ways to get the energy items through different events in the future!


Monday – Ice Cave Watcher – Mysterious Soul Energy : Strength

Tuesday – Scarabs Egg Eradication – Mysterious Soul Energy : Health

Wednesday – Attack of Orc – Mysterious Soul Energy : Wisdom

Thursday – Nightmare of Runnersville - Mysterious Soul Energy : Intelligence

Friday – Test Your Luck – Harmonious Soul Energy (Skill Point Transcendence)

Saturday – Proof of Growth – Soulshard (Manacrafter Exchange Material)

Enjoy another day at Glenheim!

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