[C9] Webzen Note - New Mileage Shop! / Whisperer Fixes

Webzen Note
Greetings, C9 Actionists,

From today, we are introducing a brand new feature, Mileage shop!

Basically, Mileage Shop is a shop where you can buy goods from mileages you gathered from enhancing.

Here are some ways to get mileages:

-Magic Amplification
-Palladium Enhancing
-Rune Enhancing
-Charm Enhancing
-Stat Transcendence
-Skill Transcendence
-Item Transcendence

You can check out the Mileage Shop by checking out the town Jewelcrafter!
Currently, on the Mileage Shop, you can purchase following items:

Enhanced Lucky Stone R2
Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]
Sacred Enhancer [Rank 3]
Sacred Enhance Crystal [Rank 3]

Besides the Mileage Shop, we've also fixed some of the ongoing issues with Whisperer...

Please check below:

Whisperer's Barrage combo problem is fixed
Whispere's Evade Dash problem is fixed
Whisperer's Spiral Shot Skillbook will now correctly give invincibility
Whisperer's Max Fury will now correctly show damage
Whisperer's Rush problem is fixed
Whisperer's Ambush skillbook problem of not being able to combo with Spiral Shot is fixed
Whisperer's Barrage Rare Skillbook duration is fixed

in addition,

Gunslinger's Percing Shotgun will now correctly activate
Warden's minion will now correctly behave as inted

7-2 Boss portal generation problem fixed

Faded Temple pre-boss monster location changed

Thank you!

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