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Webzen Note

Greetings C9 Actionists,


Glenheim heroes risked their lives to save Glehiem citizens in danger, and thanks to them, we could retrieve peace. However, Nefer is conspiring against this peaceful moment in the deepest part of Raebin. Before another trial comes, let’s trace back through the adventures Glenheim heroes have had!


The 1st Continent - Delpast

After Danus collapsed, the number of monsters in Delpast Peninsula rapidly increases. Waterford feels the crisis and calls for help to Tampera. You sense the approaching danger toward Glenheim, then you are sent to Waterford as a mercenary. While you are on your missions, you discover a mastermind behind the monsters and decide to follow it into Northern Delpast Border. You find a Netherworld monster Kirimu there, and kill the monster to save Delpast.


The 2nd Continent – Tempere

You go to Vimpeli, the capital of Tampera and the center of the world. But Tampera is also in chaos, because of Hobgoblin Revolt and missing expedition led by King Acharon. You find a torn letter of the king, and go to investigate Pit of Pain according to the letter. You find Nefer there and track it, but then encounter a Netherworld monster Gigas. You take down Gigas but lose track of Nefer. You come back to Vimpeli and tell this to Princess Ariel.


The 3rd Continent – Norgant

Princess Ariel concludes Jin in Norgant should help and sends you to Runnersville. Jin and you take care of Wendigos and start investigating Kaligo Mages. You realize Kaligos are trying to awaken Lindbrum, the Ice Dragon to put the world in danger and try to stop them but fail. Lindbrum awakens but Kaligos also fail to control the aggressive dragon, and you kill Lindbrum after a fierce battle. Jin finally returns to Vimpeli.


The 4th Continent – Okapia

Princess Ariel and Paulo find a continent called Okapia, hidden in the Dark Seal, while they were investigating missing people and the Netherworld. You are dispatched as an expedition to Okapia, and find out about Holy Stone Hagios, that has a god's power within it. You arrive at the Occult Temple after fighting off the Knatos occupying Okapia, but a Rakhdan follower Kerum tries to become a god, using the power of Hagios. After a difficult battle, you win Kerum that turned into an Acuba. Paulo seals Kerum and Hagios, but Kaligos come for an attack and they take away Hagios.


The 5th Continent – Sarad

A letter from Hollis is found in a body on Waterford coast. Princess Ariel sends you to Sarad as a reinforcement, as an answer to the rescue request in the letter. You save Hollis and Archbishop Nazar from Dabel Priests, strike back to the enemies and track down Nefer. Nefer unseals Bardiel, the god of fire, but you win the battle against Bardiel. Hollis says you must go to the ninth continent to stop Nefer and help Acharon's Expedition. Only one person knows the path to the ninth continent: Mage Glenn from Acharon's Expedition, abducted by Nefer.


The 6th Continent – Raebin

Raebin has been peaceful, as Endor spring purified the land with the blessings from the god of water Lugirae, and Artesia the water dragon was protecting the spring. But when the Kaligo Mage leader Heike tries to purify Holy Stone Hagios by putting it in Endor, the spring becomes polluted and Artesia's power is weakened. Heike seizes a hidden weapon and wants a war against humans, and Nefer wants to free Tertis, a dragon sealed in Guardian Tower and control the dragon. Heike and Nefer make a temporary alliance and start to attack Raebin.

Now you have to help Raebinharc Urha and protect Raebin!


Brace yourself, great trials are yet ahead!



C9 Support Team

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