[C9] Webzen Note - New Area Conquest System!

Webzen Note

Greetings, C9,


On top of the Blademaster Renewal Update, here is another pack of updates that will entertain you in the world of Glenheim!


The new system is called – Area Conquest!


We will now allow guilds to conquer an area – and benefit from the conquest. May the best guild win!


Here is how the system works:


Now, the 5 areas of the Sixth Continent Shadow Map will be eligible for the conquest.


Each area will produce 1x production each hour, and will distribute its production to the guilds that are in the hold of the area.


Area conquest is done by filling up “Occupation Points” of each region. There are two ways to get the Occupation Point.

  1. When a guild member clears the dungeon, the guild will get equal amount of occupation point as much as the valor point that guild member acquired.
  2. Guild master can spend the Guild Point to raise Occupation Point.


Occupation will be deducted by 3000 points every day. The point will not go below 0.


Occupation Rate and Distribution of the Product

Only guilds that have over 10000 Occupation Point will be acknowledged as having occupation percentage of the area.

The system will calculate how much each guild’s occupation points are, and will distribute the production to the guild that have over 1% of occupation percentage.

The highest occupation rate guild in the server will get “special reward”

Rewards can be bought using Contribution Point in the guild’s UI.


Contribution Point

Contribution Points are currencies for buying CP shop item (which are rewards from conquests)


User can earn Contribution Point by –

-       Donating Gold

-       Donating Akene Coin

-       Donating Goddess’s Tear

-       Earning Valor Point

-       Earning Guild Point


Upon Donation, the guild will get Guild Points.


That’s it! Play the Game, and compete to be the best guild in the server!


Your C9 Team



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