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STYLE : Able to perform both melee and ranged skills without changing stances, and summon a device that supports you in the rear. WEAPON : Gunlance MAIN SKILL : Device/Guided Missiles/Cannon skills HOW PLAY : 1. Perform ranged attacks using cannon with special abilities and guided missiles. 2. Perform melee attacks while a device supports you from the rear. 3. Proficient in both melee and ranged combats, and equipped with various evasion techniques using the recoil of cannons.
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Technical MasteryⅠ 20 Upgrades Gunlance’s technique to improve accuracy and movement speed
Increase number of bullets 25 Increases number of special bullets converted during Cannon Reload.
Promotion 40 Enhances the small device to increase the number of missiles shot in certain chance and break guard and semi-super armor.
Big Boom 45 Shoots more cannons during Shooting Ray.
Technical MasteryⅡ 50 Enhances the technique of Gunlance to increase the Critical Damage when attacking.


Flash Strike (Spear) 15 Allows you to use several Thrust attacks with the Spear.
Cannon Reload 20 Refines Skill Stone and bullets and turns them into special bullets for Cannon.
Device Shoot 20 Summons small devices as a support attack.
Shooting Jump 20 Fire cannons to ground instantly to give AoE damage and allow you to jump as a recoil.
Shooting Ray 20 Allows you to explode numerous cannons airborn to devastate the specific area.
Lock-on Target Shoot 20 Allows you to change your position to fire cannons as ranged attacks.
Upper Kick 20 Delivers a kick to set enemies nearby afloat.
Fast Moving 23 Allows you to move forward instantly with the recoil of cannons.
Spear Pierce 25 Activates a powerful thrust forward using the weight of Gunlance.
Gravity Cannon 25 Fire special bullets to create a gravity field reducing enemies’ movement.
Multi-target Shoot 28 Lock on multiple targets at the same time and fire guided missiles to attack enemies.
Device Enchant 30 Reinforce Gunlance temporarily and give a variety of effects to equipment.
Flamethrower 35 Deals DoT and additional fire damage to enemies in front by shoot a flame.
Anti-gravity Cannon 35 Fire special bullets to create anti-gravity field reducing enemies’ defense, and increasing allies’ defense.
Photon Cannon 50 Shoots Photon Cannon wiping out all enemies by shooting high power energy instantly forward.
Infinity Blast 50 Summons a powerful device materialized by power of Akene Goddess and efforts of Workshop.


Shell Technician 1 Allows you to use your primary attack with the Cannon.
Spear Technician 1 Allows you to use your primary attack with the Spear.
Cancel Technician 1 Allows you to switch Spear and Cannon skillfully.
Backstep 5 Causes a damage to foes with sudden braking while dashing.
Escape 5 Escapes instantly to the left or right direction with the recoil of cannon.
Stigma Code 20 Set a special mark onto foes to let small devices recognize a mark.
Machine Controller 20 Allows you to handle machinery and give orders to devices.
Cancel Shooting Jump 20 Allows you to change the fire direction while using a ranged skill and activate a shooting jump.
Holding Shot 20 Allows you to run ahead instantly and fire cannons while lifting targets airborne.
Shell Vulcan 20 Fire cannons consecutively until reaching from the air to the ground
Fast-sinking 25 Fire cannons toward the sky to fall instantly giving a heavy damage to foes as a recoil
Grounding Shot 25 Fire powerful cannons toward the ground during Heavy Down Spin to attack enemies nearby, and slip through the behind instantly at the same time.
Shell Buster 30 Shoots a series of missile attacks to enemies lifted up with Upper Kick.
Air Technician 30 Shoots multi-hit attacks to enemies in front falling diagonally from the sky.
Gale Shot 35 Sweeps enemies around you shooting countless cannons indiscriminately during Gust Wind.
Auto Reboot 35 Reloads special bullets automatically when casting a few skills.
Air Target Shoot 40 Shoots more guided missiles to enemies once you become capable of shooting Multi-target Shoot airborne as well.
Moving Target Shoot 40 Knocks down enemies by shooting cannons even when moving.
Break Spin 40 Shoots barrage of cannons while rotating Gunlance locked on forward
Operation 45 Give orders to small device to shoot a laser fire in the air.