[C9] Event - Hunt down for November - Aim for the Highest!


Greetings, C9 Actionists.

We are going to be trying something new for the event.

The event will be ranking based.

During the event period (Nov. 5 ~ Nov. 19), event monster will appear randomly in the dungeons. (As of any other dungeon farm event)

Event monster will drop "November Reign" item.

At the end of the event, all the event item will be retrieved, and there will be a ranking posted on our homepage.

On November 12th, we will also post an announcement showing the current ranking.

The prizes for the ranking are as below - The ranking will apply for all three servers combined.

1st: Weapon Enhancing Material Package x5
2nd: Weapon Enhancing Material Package x3
3rd: Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3] x3
4th and 5th: Weapon Enhancing Material Package x1
5th~10th: Lucky Stone R2 x3
10th~25th: Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3] x1
25th~50th: Lucky Stone R2 x1
Below 50th: Sacred Enhance Stone [2 Plus]

That's it! Enjoy!

Your C9 Team

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