[C9] Sales - Enhancement Package Sales and Events!

Greetings, C9 Actionists,

Everyone's favorite Enhancement Package is back!

Weapon Enhancement Package will be on sales at 6200 WCOIN

and packages for Armor and Accessory at 3500 WCOIN

on top of this, once again, there will be an enhancement goal to achieve!

The goal is -

Reach your Sky Dragon or Rahkdan weapon to +20.

Achieve this goal, and you will receive following:

Weapon Enhancement Package x3

To participate, make sure you participate via filling in the survey here.


This event participation will be done by Screenshots Only!

Make sure you take your screenshot of the weapon to be enhanced,

and the screenshot of your enhanced weapon.

In the screenshot - following must be included.

Your Character Name

Your Item

Some way to prove the actual time when you took the screenshot. (Normally, the clock at the bottom of the C9 Page will do the job)

Thank you

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