[C9]Notice/Sales - Notice Regarding Roulette Rewards and Sales Notice

Greetings, C9 Actionists,

We hope you had fun with the Roulette!

Please be reminded that the following process are under progress, and we will shortly be handing out rewards for the event.

Roulette Ranking Event - Estimated June 30th
Remaining Returning and New User Coupon - Estimated within this week ~ June 30th

For this week's Sales, here's what we prepared:

Retro Gear Packages

Iropis Gear
Powerful Charges Gear
Devil (Shaman)
Devil (Witchblade)

Also, for new Manacrafters and Whisperers, we also brought back Special Boxes for them!

Thank You,

Your C9 Team

Ongoing Events

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