[Event] Webzen.com's 2020 Holiday Event


Webzen wishes you a merry Christmas!

Visit the Christmas market every day to receive the gifts!

We have prepared many surprises in game,
on our portal and on social media pages!

Webzen wishes you a happy Holiday!

Click here to check out our webpage

Game Events Here is what we have prepared for
[C9] users!
Christmas Fake Santa / December Special Package

Holiday Sales Here is what we have prepared for
[C9] users!
2020 Holiday chest

Free Gifts Visit our page to discover our Christmas Market!:
Get daily treats on the event page
to receive special gifts!

Top-Up Special It's top-up time! As promised,
we give you the opportunity to get extra gifts.
For the whole duration of the event,
you can get up to 30% bonus Wcoin when topping up!

We are back with better items and packs!
Come and check them out!

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