[Notice] Notice about How to Get Free Transfer Ticket and Speed World Transfer Period

Greetings, C9 Actionists,

From now on, you can transfer your speed world character to main world.
Check out how to transfer your character for free!

[Speed World Transfer]

Period : 30/03/2021 ~ 06/04/2021 Before Maintenance (UTC) (7 days)

[How to Get Server Transfer ticket]

Go to Goddess's Tear shop 
- Purchase World Transfer ticket for 1 Goddess's tear.

[How to transfer your character]

Step 1. Log in to Speed World and open Cash Shop.

Step 2. Go to 'G.Tear Shop' and purchase World Transfer Ticket for 1 G.tear.

Step 3. Move the item to the inventory and use the item 

Step 4. Go back to Character selection window and click 'choose which world to transfer' botton.


- By using the ticket, you can transfer your Speed world character to main worlds from the same server location.
(US - Akene, Nefer / EU - Rahkdan, Artesia / SEA - Acaron, Hagios)
- Characters remaining in the speed server will be permanently deleted from the database during the maintenance on 06/04/2021 (UTC).
- You can buy Speed world Transfer items in Shop to transfer more characters.
- World Transfer Ticket in G.Tear Shop is able to be purchased twice per account.

Thank You
MU Support Team

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