[C9] Webzen Note - New Class Manacrafter, and New Mode Competitive Mode!

Webzen Note

Greetings, C9 Actionists!


A new class is coming to the world of Glenheim!

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The new class is “Manacrafter”


Manacrafter is a new Mystic class which uses longsword and WIS attacks. Use various skills to charge the sword with magic and unleash the might upon the enemies.


How can I get this new class?


Manacrafter will be available by using a new “Extra Class System”.

To unlock this character, take following steps:


1. Collect “Soulshard” through in-game contents. (Bound to Account)

2. Collect 400 “Soulshards” and exchange it at Event Manager Raleigh to “Sleeping Warrior’s Soul”

3. Use the item, and you will be able to create a new character at character selection screen.

4. New character will start at Lv.57, with all the quests cleared.


How do I collect Soulshards?


Soulshard can be collected in two game modes: Competitive Match, and Crash Mode Match.


  1. Soulshard will appear in chance in Competitive Mode Reward Chest
  2. Soulshard will also appear in Crash Match Reward Chest, but in lower rate.

Enjoy your adventure in Glenheim with Manacrafter!

Along with the Manacrafter update,

A new PvP Mode is arriving to C9!


“Competitive Mode”


As usual, sign up for Competitive Mode on Arena.


Competitive Mode is new 4v4 battle, but with a monster in middle!


The winning team will be decided by damage inflicted on the boss.


However, in this mode, you may also interfere other players to prevent them from inflicting more damage than your team!


Each round is 3 minutes long, and the team that reaches 3 wins first will be victorious!



Reward is “Competitive Mode Reward Chest”, and it contains one of below items:


Premium Antique from Fledgling Merchant Nobitthew

Book of Knowledge [EXP +10,000]

Akene Coins [10]

Soulshard: Mana Crafter


Teams will receive basic 1 chest each for participating, and get additional chest per each round won.


For example, if the game finished in 3:2, winning team will receive 4 chests, and losing team will receive 3 chests.

Both new class and new mode will be updated on the June 25th, 2019! Stay tuned, and prepare for updates and also various event which will come with the update!

Thank you,


Your C9 Team

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