Game Data Transfer Application Period
• Start Date: September 14th, 2021
• End Date: March 15th, 2022
Eligible Applicants for Game Data Transfer
• WEBZEN C9 User
• Steam C9 User
Transfer Step by Step Guide:
1. On the WEBZEN C9 Game Data Transfer page, sign in to your WEBZEN account you wish to transfer your game data
2. Then on the VFUN C9 Migration Page. Sign in to your VFUN Account. Please agree with the transfer account information.
3. Kindly check and verify your C9 play data and confirm the account for migration.
4. Migration request completed. You will be able to play your game account through VFUN.
1. You must log in to your desired account to apply for the Game Data Transfer
2. Game Data Transfer cannot be canceled after completing the application
3. Unless you proceed your transfer to VALOFE, you cannot play C9 from the transition day
4. You must login with the account that you want to transfer to VALOFE to proceed your transfer process.
5. For further inquiry for WEBZEN account, please contact WEBZEN customer service. For C9 game, please contact VALOFE customer service

By agreeing to the transfer of services as described here, you agree that a mapping key associated with your account’s character information, item information, and other in-game data information will be provided to VALOFE, solely for the purposes of making sure that your gameplay progress is carried over to the new service once you create your new account with VALOFE. This mapping key does not include any other personal data collected by us in the process of creating your account with WEBZEN or during our service to you, and is simply a “matching key” to pull your in-game information to your new account with VALOFE. However, please note that this transfer may be considered a transfer to a third country which is not deemed to have adequate level of data protection under GDPR.